The theme for #internationalwomensday2022 i.e 8 March 2022 is “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow” which evidently denotes the seriousness and urgency to establish a world free of- gender biases, gender-related stereotypical notions, and discrimination, an attempt to create a diverse, equal, and inclusive society that is only feasible by collective efforts by each one of us. And given the current state of the World, crazy times we are living- in, it becomes even more critical to recognize the role of women in the #peace-building process at all levels. The capabilities of women as advocates for peace, peacekeepers, relief workers, and mediators have always been undermined by and large. During violent conflicts and wars, women are often forced to assume new roles as heads of families, providers, combatants, and freedom fighters as we have witnessed in recent times too.
 International Women’s Day (March 8) is across the globe is a reminder of women’s achievements on various fronts, at the same time, demanding global action against gender inequality.
The patriarchal mindset often asks why so? What‘s the need to smash the age-old gender identities, beliefs and re-establish fresh perspectives.
Well…it is rightful to call for action to accelerate gender equality all over the map and here we reiterate ‘why’:
1. First and foremost, gender equality is a human right that entitles a woman to live with dignity and freedom.
2. #Genderequality will reduce the prevalence of violence against women and girls. 
3. It’s imperative for economic prosperity. For example, there has been a 46% rise in complaints of crimes against women in 2021: NCW (The National Commission for Women, India). Socioeconomic factors play a major role in women’s experiences of violence. 
 4. Existing modern societies are the biggest testimony to the fact that equality brings more safety and health. Empowered women contribute to the health and productivity of the whole family and community.
5. Equal rights and opportunities will facilitate women and girls to achieve the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health
 6. Education is essential for the ability to exercise rights and consequently for women’s empowerment. Gender equality enormously expands access to education at all levels.
7. Empowering women is also an indispensable tool for advancing development and reducing poverty. 
8. Women’s suffrage is the right of women to vote in elections.
9. To earn an equal wage; according to the UN, Worldwide, women only make 77 cents for every dollar earned by men.
It’s high time to contemplate and acknowledge the fact that society will be a far more cohesive, and affable place when people look at others as individuals, beyond genders which will go a long way in remodeling the world, a better version.
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“If you are dating someone, try and find out how that person was raised. A lot of people weren’t raised in love. They were raised on survival. That’s why you see so many men/women not being able to love properly (hurting people). You’ll find a lot of good-looking people damaged inside because of their past, and you won’t realize how damaged they are until you try to love them. If you think a person’s past doesn’t affect how they see life, then you are sadly mistaken.

“In today’s fast pace of life, when we are accompanied by technology at every step, it is worth maintaining balance. Mine is connecting with nature and our cultural heritage, engaging with art, creating with natural material such as clay, connecting with my inner child and people around the world.” (Teja Hlacer)
Meet Teja Hlacer, a Ceramic Artist and Cultural Anthropologist from Slovenia as part of an initiative of #WahWomanWomenArtists
She always got fascinated by clay and its magical ability to turn into as many different shapes and a variety of styles as one could imagine.
Very delighted to feature her; watch the video to know her journey and passion for clay and art only on #WahWoman !


We are elated to feature a multifaceted #artist in our series to portray versatile women artists and their craft. Meet a fervent lover of different forms of music from #Montenegro – a passionate vocalist, an ardent instrumentalist in particular ‘Cello’.
Teodora Uskokovic has been ‘associated and collaborated with some renowned musicians and has participated in worldwide famous concerts. A cellist ( cello player) who dazzles you with her performance and touches chords of your heart.
Watch the full video
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Following our objective to support and promote women artists and different forms of art and culture from around the World, here is our next video as part of our endeavors on behalf of,
we are delighted to share a video of
#Ceramicartist from #Greece#IfigeniaTsirou is a ceramic artist from #Thessaloniki, Greece. Her involvement with ceramics started in 2010. She is running a ceramics production company, called Hakah #Ceramics, and a ceramics gallery in Thessaloniki, called 6exi Ceramics.
Her work is based on simple forms, sometimes altered and decorated in a way that combines the heritage she carries with the need for expressing her feelings and thoughts, through her work.
The art of pottery has always been an avenue of artistic expression since time immemorial. Prehistoric #potters formed and decorated their vessels in a variety of ways. In olden times in Greece, often potters in one community or region made a few characteristic styles of pots. There were four major pottery styles of ancient Greece: geometric, Corinthian, red-figure, and black-figure pottery. It is so good to see the continuation of the tradition with novel artistic expressions.
Watch it and support the artist:

“Our parents can show us a lot of things: they can show us how we are to be and what things we ought to strive for, or they can show us how not to be and what things we ought to stray from, then you may have the kind of parents that show you all the things about you that you want to get rid of and you realize those traits aren’t yours at all but are merely your parents’ marks that have rubbed off onto you.”
― C. JoyBell C


Change is inevitable. Change is constant.
This time, a huge positive change can be seen with the news like this-
NFHS 2019-2021 indicates that India has made significant strides in the last five years – in 2015-16, the sex ratio was just 991. India’s overall sex ratio — women per thousand men — is now at a level seen in developed countries. For every 1,000 men, India has 1,020 women.