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  1. Who is a Roving Chic

          Ans.  A Travel Vlogger

  1. Why Travel Vlogs

          Ans. Because I love travelling the most.

  1. Your favourite place so far?

           Ans. Sissu, Himachal Pradesh

  1. Your phone brand you shoot with?

            Ans. Iphone

  1. Biggest pet peeve for a Vlogger?

         Ans.  Finding clean, budget hotels

  1. Three best travel tips

        Ans.  a.     Indulge in local food

        b. Carry a first-aid kit and always know a medical facility near your stay.

        c.    interact with localites

  1. The best comment you ever heard about your Vlogs

            Ans. ‘’ Your vlogs inspire us to travel’’

  1. Success Mantra to be a successful vlogger?

            Ans. Consistency, consistency and consistency

  1. Your next destination

         Ans.  Jaipur and Jodhpur

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By Deepti Joshi, Child & Adolescents Psychologist, Owner of Brain Matters ‘Open your heart and tell me your story’…