A Woman Violinist & Singer | Violin Artist- Gundula Stojanova Gruen

A Woman Violinist & Singer | Violin Artist- Gundula Stojanova Gruent www.wahwoman.in Meet Gundula Stojanova Gruen, a virtuoso violinist and singer who has travelled extensively, transcribing melodies that she learned first-hand from Romani and folk musicians.Her unique performance style showcases a technical ability acquired through intensive conservatoire training as well as a colourful and charismatic personality. Her arrangements and compositions, whilst drawing influence from her love and extensive knowledge of Romany Gypsy music, are original and highly personal. Gundula also is a passionate and highly experienced tutor. She loves teaching children and adults of all ages and abilities, inspiring them with her love of making music, her own hard study to master violin technique, and her wide experience of studying classical, jazz, Romani and folk styles the traditional way.

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