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Following our objective to support and promote women artists and different forms of art and culture from around the World, here is our next video as part of our endeavors on behalf of #WahWomanwww.wahwoman.in,
we are delighted to share a video of
#Ceramicartist from #Greece#IfigeniaTsirou is a ceramic artist from #Thessaloniki, Greece. Her involvement with ceramics started in 2010. She is running a ceramics production company, called Hakah #Ceramics, and a ceramics gallery in Thessaloniki, called 6exi Ceramics.
Her work is based on simple forms, sometimes altered and decorated in a way that combines the heritage she carries with the need for expressing her feelings and thoughts, through her work.
The art of pottery has always been an avenue of artistic expression since time immemorial. Prehistoric #potters formed and decorated their vessels in a variety of ways. In olden times in Greece, often potters in one community or region made a few characteristic styles of pots. There were four major pottery styles of ancient Greece: geometric, Corinthian, red-figure, and black-figure pottery. It is so good to see the continuation of the tradition with novel artistic expressions.
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