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Old habits die hard, but…

Don’t leave something good to find something better. When you realize you had the best , the best has found better.
Drake Graham

But I reconstructed the quote the way exactly I experienced things in my life to make it feel more relatable :
Don’t leave something good till the time you achieve something better. Be wise to identify the better one, be it of good or the best. 
Rajni Vohra

This write-up of mine “OLD HABITS DIE HARD, BUT…”is far more than a narrative of health or water as it may appear initially so.
It has more to deal with #humanpsychology, subconscious mind, learning essentially #unlearning and #relearning and #behaviours .
Here I have made an endeavor to share my own experience on complications and challenges that stemmed from a #habitchange .
Would love to hear your experiences that you had while introducing any change in your habits.


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