Women Leaders

Indian ambassador to Switzerland | Women Leaders in Indian Foreign Services, Smita Purushottam

An active mind is a constant seeker – knowledge, information, thought-provoking ideas; and what can be better than having a candid conversation with an intellectual, well-read and a science enthusiast who constantly thinks about betterment plans for the nation, a true patriot who dedicated her whole life to the country, as an Indian foreign service officer, and post-retirement, she continues to make India a science state through her Initiative SITARA, as she believes that the real transformative power lies in science and technology, the foundation of power, she established an advocacy group in 2018 to advocate for more local production in technology-intensive industries like telecommunications. We were truly honored to have Smita Purushottam, Ambassador (Retd.) (Switzerland, Lichtenstein, The Holy See) Founder & Chairperson, Science, Indigenous Technology and Advanced Research Accelerator (SITARA) on our show, WahWoman, www.wahwoman.in.

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