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Covid-19 & Domestic Violence| Gender-Based Violence and COVID-19| Violence COVID-19 Lockdown

A fiery yet extremely relevant topic with three seasoned panel speakers Elke Esders, Marisa Monterio Bosrboom, and Antje Bauer in a round-table discussion on the WahWoman platform. The side effects of covid -19 can be seen in various ugly forms in different spheres of life including financial, social, and psychological aspects., and one of the undeniable facts is the spike in violence against women and girls, particularly domestic violence has intensified during covid lockdowns and restricted movements to curb the infection rate. In this conversation, we have tried to figure out what, why, and how the current situation due to covid 19 exacerbates gender-based violence from a psychological and sociological perspective with an objective to create awareness among societies to change the response towards the victims of gender-based violence and seeking possible solutions.

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